Sunday, August 25, 2013

Seduce by Missy Johnson

Who's ready to be Seduced by Missy Jonhson's new book!? 

Everyone is in luck because this book has come out early!

 Ok, we are incredibly embarrassed that we didn't know about this book before now. We're both kicking ourselves for not reading it yet and craving it as our next read! 

Nikki, how have we NOT read this!? 

Um, I guess we were hiding under a rock?!! I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!  d'oh 

I can tell you this...we need to read this book ASAP! 

And here is the awesome cover of this book: 

Hey Nikki?


I think we have a couple of excerpts...should we check them out?


LOL. Wow. He sounds conceded but I kind of like it! 

Hmm... Confident much?!!  winking  

Hey it just me or did you get this image from that excerpt? 

Why yes I did... winking

And that leads us into the second excerpt! 

So we went from overly confident, to cynical?! I wonder where Jack will take us next.... raised eyebrows 

Well, let's find out! 
I want my own Jack! 


I take it I'm the blonde in that? raised eyebrows 

Well, you are blonde. winking  

LOL. Very true. 

Wow! He's just asking for a Gibbs head slap! And works for him. 

I totally agree! After he gets that head slap, I think he needs a good mauling! (of the sexual variety) winking  

LOL. How's this?

Yeah, that's about right! smug

Somehow, we missed the release of this book. And if the hero looks like this, you can just bet that Nikki will be all over it! 

Definitely check back with us because we're dying to read this book! 

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