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Blood of the Immortal by Ashley Jeffers

I had no life…

For the past ten years, I’ve been kept away from the world, treated as a danger to those around me. While the visions I have both confuse and frighten me, I know I’m not the dangerous one in the family. Escape has never been within my reach. When my father dragged me along on an expedition to an ancient temple, I discovered a door hidden in the wall, and everything changed.

He would live forever…

After freeing a vampire from his stone prison, I was swept away to the island belonging to his coven. He swears none of them will harm me, but I can’t be so sure. Zachary is convinced he knew me before he was imprisoned—three hundred years ago. He tries to get me to remember our shared past…while I find myself more concerned with our future.

My blood could end them…

When the woman I was mistaken for appears, she brings startling revelations for both of us. She knows more about me than I ever knew about myself. My blood is unique, and the key to a dark plot by the vampires that locked Zachary away. Vowing to protect me, Zachary must find a way to shield me from his worst enemy, for if the enemy gets my blood, the entire world will be in danger.


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So, Nikki….we’re talking paranormal today.

Woot! I love paranormal!

Me too! And today we’re looking at a debut novel from Ashley Jeffers.

Yay! A debut! I love when we find brand new authors!

Me too. What was your overall impression of Blood of the Immortal?

Well, I thought it was pretty good for a debut. The story line was pretty interesting and unique, even though I was a little confused by a few things and I wished the author had added a map and maybe a family tree for reference.

I totally agree with you. There were so many people that were introduced that having a family tree would have been helpful. And I love when I get a map to an area I’m not familiar with. Both of those would have been a great addition to the book.

Yup. The one complaint I have, which I kind of blame on you big grin Is not knowing the book was set not only in the future, but also in an alternate universe. I think that could have been explained more in the beginning to prepare the readers so it wouldn't be so confusing. Or maybe my natural blond was just coming through... winking

Hey! I know we read each others minds and all, but you’ve never mentioned that you need a heads up to future settings and alternate universes! You never said a word when we threw ourselves into KA’s fantasyland series! And I’m totally calling you a blonde on this one! tongue

LOL! Well, ok so it's not all your fault. But I don't typically go for the futuristic books. I can dig an alternate universe, I just like to know going in so my natural ability to get confused doesn't get triggered! big grin But once I figured all that out, this book got a little less confusing. There were still some times with all the characters mentioned, but after a while it was easier to get passed that.

I can totally understand that. But in the defense of the book, the futuristic stuff was really only in the beginning. After Arielle met Zachary, it almost had a historical paranormal feel to it. There was one point while reading that I did think to myself that a lot of people were introduced. But I also realize that this is book 1 in a series so she was trying to balance the story for the book with world building and setting the stage for the future books.

You have a point there! It would definitely make sense to introduce us to the characters that we'll meet in later books. And while there were a lot of characters, I can't really think of too many that weren't necessary to the story.

That’s very true. They all played a part. Want to know what my favorite part was? Vic. He cracked me up. He lightened the story up enough to keep it from being bogged down in totally seriousness. He made every scene he was in a delight to read. What was your favorite part?

I'm gonna have to second that and say Vic. Even though he wasn't the main character, he stole every scene he was in. He had a witty disposition and seemed to lighten the tension. I'm really hoping he'll get a book!

Oh! Me too!!!! That’s not to say that I didn’t like Zachary and Arielle, but while they were dealing with the serious stuff, Vic was there to irritate them and lighten the mood.

Ok for the hard part, dislikes. I always hate this because I know how hard authors work on their books, but inevitably there's gonna be something readers don't like. Fortunately, there wasn't much not to like. I have a big issue with the lack of contractions. I always do. Also, I have to say that some things didn't seem to get answered and left me confused. Like just exactly how Matthias was turned into a vampire from a human when his father is an immortal.

I agree, I hate doing the issues part. I guess I didn’t realize that the Matthias question was never answered. My biggest issue (and it wasn’t huge, more of an observation) was that Arielle and Zachary fell in love really quickly. I get that they were destined to be together, but there wasn’t really any get-to-know-you time after they met. It just seemed like they went from meeting and Arielle not trusting him to not wanting to leave him and loving him in the blink of an eye.

Yeah that was an issue for me too. I understand the insta-love happens a lot in paranormals with the mate thing. But we usually see them get to know each other for a few weeks or months before they declare their undying love. Here, Arielle and Zachary said it after mere days, half of which she was either scared and mistrusting of him or unconscious.

Exactly. I forgot about her being unconscious for half of the time early in their togetherness. But on the plus side…the author really knows how to write some evil characters. I truly loathed them. I was rooting for them to die a long and painful death.

That is also true. I wanted some of them to be tortured along the lines of your harshest IA list!

OMG! Me too!!! I wanted to go all Dexter while I was going all Queen of Hearts on them! Heck, they even had me wanting to create a new list of ways to torture a fictional character!

Oh boy! I can't even imagine what that could be... winking

*manically twirling mustache* 
http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/198/8/6/sheldon__s_evil_laugh_by_manongg-d3ysglh.gif  http://media.giphy.com/media/YirLZBJoar89G/giphy.gif http://mrwgifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Creepy-Laugh-By-The-Evil-Witch-In-Disneys-Snow-White.gif

LOL. And on that note, it’s probably wise for us to wrap this up before Lindsay starts plotting torture. 

Nikki's Rating: 3.5        Lindsay's Rating: 4

Ashley Jeffers writes Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Michigan. A certified night-owl, she spends most her nights writing, as her days are occupied being a full-time mom to three young children. Her debut novel, Blood of the Immortal, is available in paperback and e-book format. Thanks to a combination of ADD and OCD, she has several other projects in the works. She currently lives in Michigan with her husband, three kids, and two dogs.



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